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      The use and classification of seismic support
      source:Youma (Jiangsu) Support Hanger Technology Co., Ltd. | 作者:SystemMaster | Release time: 2022-06-09 13:45:10
      Anti-seismic supports are various components or devices that limit the displacement of the auxiliary mechanical and electrical engineering facilities, control the vibration of the facilities, and transmit the load to the bearing structure. The anti-seismic support should provide reliable protection for the building's mechanical and electrical engineering facilities during an earthquake, and withstand the seismic action from any horizontal direction; the anti-seismic support should be checked according to the load it bears; all the components that make up the anti-seismic frame should be finished components, and the connection is fastened. The components of the thermal insulation pipe should be easy to install; the seismic support limit of the thermal insulation pipeline should be designed according to the size of the pipeline after thermal insulation, and should not limit the displacement caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline.

      The mechanical and electrical engineering facilities such as water supply and drainage, fire protection, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, heat, electricity, communication, etc. of the building after seismic reinforcement can reduce earthquake damage, reduce and To prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters as much as possible, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing casualties and property losses.
      Reference document: GB50981-2014 "Code for Seismic Design of Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineering"