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      How to do the construction of pipeline comprehensive support and hanger?
      source:Youma (Jiangsu) Support Hanger Technology Co., Ltd. | 作者:SystemMaster | Release time: 2022-06-09 13:27:17
      Operation process:

      1. Further optimize the construction drawings for the installation of pipelines in rows. According to the number, location, elevation and direction of the pipelines, reserve the operation and maintenance space of the pipelines, and determine the form, size and installation spacing of the comprehensive brackets.
      2. When making a comprehensive bracket, it is necessary to consider the real outer diameter of various pipes and the thickness of the insulation layer that needs to be insulated to determine the form and size of the clamp. If necessary, it is necessary to carry out the calculation and review of the pipeline force on the pressure pipeline, so as to select and determine the specifications and models of various profiles.
      3. First integrate the brackets and then install the pipelines: Determine the installation position of the brackets and the spacing between the brackets according to the direction and range of the rows of pipelines. The construction sequence of each functional pipeline is determined according to the level of comprehensive pipeline arrangement, first up and down, first inside and then outside.
      4. All bolts and nuts must be connected with flat washers and spring washers to ensure that the pipes are firmly fixed.

      Quality requirements:

      1. The distance between the integrated brackets is the same, the direction of the clamp bolts is the same, and the overall arrangement is neat and beautiful. It is advisable to consider the use of galvanized finished combined adjustable integrated support and hanger.
      2. The brackets and hangers should be installed firmly to ensure that they are horizontal and vertical. The brackets and hangers installed on the sloped buildings should maintain the same slope as the building.
      3. When the stainless steel pipe is in contact with the carbon steel bracket, it is necessary to add a spacer such as a wooden bracket to avoid direct contact between two metals with different chemical properties and prevent electrochemical reactions.